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The Positive Effects of Technology on Education

technology impact education

Technology and education have been having a long and torrid love affair since man walked the earth. Evidence of this timeless love affair is in ancient cave drawings, Egyptian scrolls, and now in Amazon tablets. The efficiency by which knowledge has been shared throughout the centuries was all due to advancements in technology. defines technology as the use of scientific knowledge to solve problems and invent tools. As a tool, technology has helped to create innovative ways of storing and sharing information between people and across generations.

This sharing of information between generations has been instrumental in creating technological wonders which have in turn advanced human society. One area of the society where technology has significantly impacted is the education system. The impact of technology on the education system has been mostly positive as it has made education more accessible to more people, and it has helped students with disabilities and learning disorders.

In conclusion, technology has done a lot of good for the education system. It has helped students overcome geographical barriers to learning and exposed them to more opportunities. Advancements in assistive technology have helped students with disabilities and learning disorders to learn and gain independence. Regardless of these benefits, critics of Technology believe that it has done more harm to the education system. Technology has created inequality in schools and decreased the reasoning skills of students. Conversely, governments and school administrators can minimize inequality in schools and increase the reasoning ability of students through the application of blended learning. The impact of technology on the education system is all around us. However, if you feel differently, please feel free to throw away your galaxy phones and return to the caves of our forefathers. Contact me and share your thoughts.

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